How to Effectively Get Rid of Blackheads Permanently

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Blackheads which stick around can truly be annoying and embarrassing. These black dots are formed when sebum and oil blend in the hair follicle and go the skin’s surface. Pimples are oxidized by air leaving a skin mark. The sad thing is that blackheads don’t often banish by themselves. But the good thing is that you can do many things to help with the process. In order to get rid of these unsightly marks for good, follow a strict skin care and cleansing routine, using products for sloughing off dead skin cells and clearing pores bacteria.

Step One

Take a hot shower. With the steam, your pores will be opened and the skin around the blackheads will loosen. The face must be washed for a minute using an acne-fighting cleanser that features salicylic acid. Rinse your face well with lukewarm water. The product’s salicylic acid is important for exfoliating the dead skin cells’ layer near your blackheads. Also, it helps in keeping the pores open and clean.

skin around the blackheads will loosen

Step Two

Put a cotton ball over a toner and tilt it so it will saturate. The cotton ball must be swiped over the entire face or on areas that have persistent blackheads. This step is imperative if you have oily skin or plugged pores. Pick a toner that has alpha hydroxy acids, restorative ingredients like Totarol and anti-inflammatory properties such as aloe.

Step Two

Step Three

Smooth an acne-cleansing mask or kaolin-based that features benzoyl peroxide over the face a couple of times every week so the blackhead congestion will be drawn out. Ensure that the areas with permanent blackheads are totally covered. Let the mask penetrate your skin for around five minutes. Rinse it off using warm water after it turns tacky and begins to change in color. Keep in mind that if you leave it on longer, skin moisture will be drawn out causing irritation.

acne-cleansing mask

Step Four

Pour alcohol over the extraction tool for disinfection. Put the smaller tool end directly on the blackhead. Try to firmly and gently press down. Your blackhead must start dislodging. Press down again  so the blackhead will totally lift out of your skin pore. Don’t try it if the blackhead will not budget.

chemical peel treatments

Step Five

After trying the steps above for 6 weeks and you don’t experience any positive effects, visit a qualified dermatologist. Perhaps you need prescription-strength retinoid for dislodging your blackheads. Also, your dermatologist is likely to recommend chemical peel treatments, microdermasbrasion and comedone extractions depending on the condition of your skin.

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