Stacking with Anavar: What Users can Expect

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Anavar is one of the most famous anabolic steroids available today. It is a mild steroid and the majority of those who use it choose to stack it with other steroids in order to improve the gains. But an Anavar-only cycle provides solid results. Stacking this substance properly can enhance the quality of other gains to be achieved.

Best Anavar Stacks

A lot of male athletes stack Anavar with testosterone. Anavar doesn’t suppress the production of testosterone to the same degree as other anabolic steroids; however, it still occurs. Adding testosterone to the stack will counteract this and intensity your cycle’s results. But apart from testosterone, there are other options which can be stacked with Anavar.

Anavar Stacks for Men

Men using anabolic steroids will find that Anavar is perfect for the off-cycle season. Indeed, as a matter of fact, there are other wrong steroids for this purpose. Anavar provides little in terms of male gain size and the substance is the whole point of the off-season cycle for male athletes. Meanwhile, during the cutting cycle, Anavar is a good part of the stack of male athletes. It preserves lean muscle tissue while also promoting the burn of fat during calorie restriction.

Anavar and Dianabol

Many people add Dianabol to their Anavar cycle. Such steroid is quite efficient in adding bulk and  helping to guarantee a more rounded cycle if combined with Anavar. A lot of professional steroid users begin Anavar twelve-week- cycle with Dianabol. The later is used for around four week while Anavar is added in the last six weeks to be lean. Although such length can be toxic to the liver, breaking up the usage will help protect the liver since it minimizes toxicity buidup.

Anavar and Proviron

This stack is famous as Proviron helps in maintaining sexual drive. However, this substance may not be preferred by others because it can cause a decline in the production of testosterone. Also, Proviron builds up enthusiasm and energy which allows the users to maintain regular training and workouts to obtain better results. Proviron is used towards the end of the cycle as it doesn’t provide much contribution to bodybuilding rather for the purpose of increasing sex drive and lethargy.

The total dose of Anavar every day must be split into two and take two times per day. This is because Anavar has around 8 hours of half-life that is relatively short. If it is stacked properly, users can expect to get great results. If you are looking for pure Anavar, you can find good sources listed here.


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